Erika Sonder's “Portable Herbarium”

Recent Catalog Additions

Below are images of recent additions to the Portable Herbarium Plant Catalog. Detail and color in the original print will be much more refined than seen in the images here. Red numbers shown in the images are the catalog number. The text in the images is not contained in the prints that are for sale. Click image for larger image size.

Each image is available only in ONE size. There two sizes: LARGE (11 inches X 17 inches) or SMALL (8.5 inches by 11 inches). See image for the available size. Most prints that are 11 inches X 17 inches can be trimmmed to 11 inches X 14 inches size. See Ordering info in menu above for ordering details and prices.

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(Click on the alphabetical catalog section above for the plant name -- either common or scientific name)